Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Confusing (and Frequently Misused) Type Terminology, Part 1

“In the world of type and design, several typographic terms are either commonly confused with other terms, or are simply misunderstood in their own right. In Part 1 of this two-part series, we will shed light on three pairs of words that are widely misused. The words in each pair are related, but they refer to different things - and they are not interchangeable…”

Font vs. Typeface
Character vs. Glyph
Legibility vs. Readability

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Richard Nicholson: The Last Of London’s Darkrooms

via npr
“Richard Nicholson recalls that in the ’90s, darkrooms were busy, exciting places for commercial photographers in London: ‘There was a real buzz in these places,’ he writes,‘a sense of competition, but also communality.’

About a decade later, he was struck by how much had changed. ‘I came up with idea for this project when printing in one of these hire darkrooms. The buzz had gone. No one else was there. It seemed like a desolate, abandoned place. I was struck by the bulky, lumpen beauty of the photographic enlargers.’

And so began his project, Last One Out, Please Turn On The Light, a documentation of London’s remaining professional darkrooms. A mere five years after starting the project, more than half of the darkrooms in the series are no longer operational.

‘I wanted to capture the darkroom before it disappeared,’ Nicholson says. ‘I choose to photograph the darkrooms of professional printers as these represent the essence of the craft.’ ”
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Adobe and the 50" Hi-Def Drafting Table

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“When I entered the office of Kevin Lynch, Adobe Systems’s chief technology officer, on Friday in San Francisco, I was immediately caught off guard by a large high-definition television hiding in the corner of the room. It was at least 50-inches wide and propped up at a 45 degree angle on a drafting table.

“What is that!” I asked.

Mr. Lynch paused and looked at me as if I had just seen a Christmas present before it was wrapped and placed under the tree. “Ummm, that’s the future,” he said. “It’s a drafting table running Photoshop Touch where you can essentially draw and create on a screen.”

The future, for Adobe, it turns out, is in the past…”

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Image of the Day: Sugar Maples

The sugar maples are on Penn State campus are turning brilliant!