Friday, February 11, 2011


I think I actually remember this cover!
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“Last night, on the way home from dinner, I asked Anne, ‘Do you remember Highlights for Children?’

‘Of course I do,’ she said, ‘I remember how I hated going to the doctor when I was a kid, until I started reading Highlights in the waiting room.’ ”

. . .

Read the rest of this fantastic post by Will Wheaten here. I had a subscription to Highlights as a child though I do remember seeing copies in the dentist’s office. I actually know one of the illustrators that works for Highlights — Anni Matsick. We first worked together back in the mid-1980s when she did freelance black-and-white fashion illustrations for me. She’d supply the finished artwork of models wearing the clothing we were advertising for sale at Danks Department Stores, and I’d create the color “mechanically” with dozens of overlays of amberlith and rubylith that would then be supplied to the newspaper for printing. It is still crazy thinking about creating color combinations in my head, using reference books of percentage combinations of CMYK inks, but all physically amber and red on clear plastic sheets designated to be shot in the darkroom as percentages of C, M, Y, or K. It was always exciting seeing the finished printed piece right off the press.

Image of the Day: Snow and Ice

This was taken a few days ago in the parking lot where I work — finally got around to downloading it off of my camera.

Mr. Frisky's Pre-Press Quiz

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“Now hold still—this won't hurt a bit . . . maybe! Mr. Frisky wrote a few questions covering some of the more problematic areas we’ve encountered with client-prepared files over the years. Simply answer all the questions and click the button at the bottom and Mr. Frisky will score your quiz. If your score is 70% or better, chances are good we won’t have too many problems with your files. A lower score generally indicates that it may not be wise to try to design and prepare your graphic files on your own. This quiz is for informational and entertainment purposes only. No wagering, please.”

Take the quiz here. Below is my score, what is yours?

12 line Trafton Script

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Simply wonderful to take in, view it here.