Saturday, April 16, 2011

Image of the Day: Caslon and Goudy

Two of my favorite ampersands, Caslon and Goudy in PMS 659

Business Cards: Page XXI

All in all, the cards on this page all utilize pretty crappy artwork.

[Top Row] Can "White Dragon" be positioned any closer to the top of the card?  Trivia on the last card, we graduated from high school with Mona.

[Middle Row] First card, I think it is time to invest in a new card when you have to resort to whiteout and mailing labels to fix your present card. Last card in the row: Strike-a-Pose Computer Portraits — does the art in the upper right hand corner look extremely scary to you?

[Bottom Row] Crappy hand drawn type and horse just doesn't cut it. Middle card: What exactly does Jean E. Tayrien do by appointment only? Last card in the row: so stereotypical of early 1980s desktop publishing.

A Paper Record Player Wedding Invitation

via Paper Forest
“Check out designer Kelli Anderson's lovely wedding invitation design. Okay, so it is not made entirely of paper, but careful folding of the paper in this invite is used to amplify the sound of a sewing needle on a flexi-disc record.”
Click here and watch the video. Kudos to Mr. Wizard!