Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Business Cards of the Day: Mix and Match

Top Row: “Feeling Overwhelmed?” — at first I thought this card was for a psychiatric counseling service when I saw it on a bulletin board in Newport, PA. Somehow I hear Bob Wiley saying, “Well, at least I do not have to stress about photographers...” Context is everything for this card, and frankly, it doesn't work in a café. The card next to it is for locally-made wing and marinade sauces. We haven’t tried these, but the graphics tie in nicely to the label designs.

Middle Row: I have a feeling that the cake card is a stock image since the type is seemingly an afterthought. DCNR — pretty typical official government state agency formatting of text. Ranger Onavage is a quite the talker!

Bottom Row: One24 — even looking online, it is hard to tell what this card is about, but it appears to be a get-rich-quick [within 24 months!] scheme. Apparently she is not making enough to get new cards printed and just scratches over the phone number at this point. Maybe in another 24 months she’ll get new cards? The card next to it is for a photographer “of the unusual and extraordinary.” The card reflects the subject matter and tone of the photographs for sale.

Tattly Tuesday

via swissmiss
Every Tuesday, Tattly launches 4 new temporary tattoos and this week’s designs are a homage to print design.
More on these can be found here.