Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Business Cards: Page VIII

[Top Row] The warm grey on Tawn Chi’s card is spot on; the type treatment for the word CHI and the positioning of the type in the the lower right corner is lacking finesse. Brad Bean’s slide frames and string bean image makes this card memorable and always makes me smile.

[Middle Row] Rabbits, always a sucker for rabbits. I was given a gift of one of Jeanne Stevens-Sollman’s sculptures many years ago, and I treasure it to this day. Even though the next card is a sample, the hairline constructed letter using grey and wine inks is classic. Last card in the row looks a bit dated, but the design uses embossing and foil stamping to make the constructed shape ‘pop’.

[Bottom Row] First card, love the reversed signature in red, hate the type treatment below it. Anni Matsick’s card perfectly sums up her business, and makes me smile. 

Earworm: The Air That I Breathe

When our cat Birbanto decides to “shnub” his food, he channels part of this Hollies song:

“...Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe
And to love you.”

k.d. lang’s excellent version is here.