Friday, July 15, 2011

Native American Language Fonts

via we love typography and Typophile
An interesting discussion on one of the boards over at Typohile. Scroll down to 25.August.2008 to see a “sample of the Cherokee syllabary, showing the handwritten forms followed by an early draft of the more familiar typeset forms. They are written in pairs, divided by a vertical zigzag bar.”
Thread can be found here.

The Color of: Oliver Sacks

via notcot
“Fung Kwok Pan has developed this slick little piece of code that allows you to enter a search query, then grabs 80 Flickr photos related to your query, then makes a composite of the photos, showing you the color of whatever you entered. It’s pretty neat to watch this thing work.”
Try it yourself here.

Harry Potter Graffiti

via death by kerning

See more images here.