Thursday, April 14, 2011

Image of the Day: Kern’s Ampersand


1922 Flapper’s Dictionary

via boingboing

“Originally published in the July 1922 edition of FLAPPER magazine, this dictionary went into some detail, listing the group's slang and providing definitions. In the process, it also provided an insight: through the slang we can begin to discern attitudes and priorities and the mindset of the adherents. And the adherents, after all, were our grandmothers and great-grandmothers.”

Visit here to read the dictionary.

Business Cards: Page XX

[Top Row] Is the word “Naked” in red italics supposed imply a certain amount of naughtiness in their furniture? Next card for the Chief of Police—during the day you need an area code, but at night it isn't necessary. Last card in this row, what exactly is a billanjo dairy, and is there a jimanbarbara dairy as well?

[Middle Row] AMBUSH uses a crazy wooden looking font, but the extremely poor letterspacing on their subhead kills the card [A•C•R•U•I•S•E•B•A•R]. Middle card is just so poorly executed, and the "pun" of the manager's name just doesn't cut it. Nag Drywall — is it because they use horsehair in their plaster? The smug looking horse with a bow-back looks like it is out of a 1950s MAD magazine.

[Bottom Row] My mother-in-law’s business card back when she was still doing craft and art shows to sell prints of her scenes in central PA pen and ink drawings. I remember Stan Scanlon coming into Graphics II in the early 1980s; the photo sums him up. Last card in the row: is this a supply company for taking armadillo photos, or a photo supply store for armadillos?