Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Progress Report for “Are You My Mother?: A Comic Drama”

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Alison Bechdel writes on her blog, “I’m drawing and drawing, on deadline for the memoir I’ve been working on for the past five years. It kinda freaks me out that the book is already up on Amazon.com, considering that it’s far from finished. But I guess it’s also motivating. The book will have seven chapters, for a total of around 280 pages. So far I’ve got 116 pages done…that’s the first time I’ve allowed myself to tally them up…”
I can hardly wait for this to be released; the subtle details she adds within each frame perfectly captures the era. If you ever get a chance to hear her speak at a public event, take the time to go; you will not be disappointed. On Tuesday October 18, she will be at Barnes and Noble Union Square, NYC, 7p.m.

1493: Chronicling the Ecological Impact of Columbus’ Journey

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“Columbus’ discovery of the New World unleashed centuries of geopolitical turmoil. But humans weren’t the only creatures whose fortunes were forever altered. Entire species of plants and animals either thrived or suffered as well. In the book 1493, author (and Wired contributor) Charles C. Mann traces the far-reaching biological consequences of Columbus’ journey across the ocean blue. “There is a Rube Goldberg aspect to this,” Mann says. “Things are connected in ways that you would never expect.” And just as with human societies, some organisms came out on top, while others were radically subjugated. Here are a few key flora and fauna and how they weathered the storm…”
Read the rest here, more on 1493 here from npr.

Images of the Day: Neon & Enamel

These photos just do not do justice to the rich indigo enamel neon sign, located in Centre Hall, PA.