Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Image of the Day: Angry Bunny Ornament

Measuring in at just .5" tall, this little printers ornament has a curious expression.

Camera Lingo Necklaces

via photojojo

“Masons have secret handshakes, conspiracy theorists have secret symbols. Photographers have their own secret code words; lingo that only serious snappers recognize. Show you're in the know by wearing the symbols of the craft! There are 4 symbols to choose from: JPEG, the no-flash icon, NEF, or CR2 (Nikon and Canon's respective RAW file format names).”

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Business Cards: Page XIX

[Top Row] Why is it “Tame -Ur-Bird” and not “Tame-Your-Bird”? The next card for mobile dog grooming is just so typical of desktop publishing with the two different styles of clip-art images. Equi-Knead—I never heard of equine sports massage—especially in Lewistown of all places—but I can see its value.

[Middle Row] Why would anyone name their company “S.N.A.T.C.H.”? The next card for “Rare Plant Research” is just an interesting field of study and makes me smile. Dog Waste Removal—a business that can only exist in the age of owners too busy and/or lazy to clean up after their pets.

[Bottom Row] Why would a computer consultant name their business “Medusa Systems”? I’d hate to see the screensaver they install on your PC — fears of turning to stone looking at it as it kicks in! The Curl Up Hotel, well the name is just simple and homey. The next card—what does it mean? Cheap nephew-art lips and a strawberry—Is it trying to be erotic? Why are the lips eating the strawberry stem first? This is for a fishing guide’s business card?

The Beauty of Maps: A Documentary

via swissmiss
The Beauty of Maps is a 4 part BBC series that was released almost a year ago. The documentary takes us through the staggering four million map collection of the British Library in London.

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