Friday, March 11, 2011

Van Lanen, Matthew Carter, and Ampersands

Van Lanen deliberately printed off-register in two colors .

via imprint

An Interview With Matthew Carter:

“. . . The Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin released Carter Latin (now called Van Lanen), your first-ever wood type. Can you explain who initiated the design?

MATTHEW: This project began in 2002 thanks to Richard Zauft who was teaching in Milwaukee at the time and advising the Hamilton Museum. He suggested to Hamilton that they should revive a few of their old wood types and commission a new one as a way of earning revenue. On a visit to Boston he invited me to take on the new design and I jumped at the opportunity, mainly out of curiosity about a kind of type that I had never dealt with before.”

Read An Interview With Matthew Carter — here. The Van Lanen’s ampersand makes me stop, look, and smile.