Saturday, September 24, 2011

Legacies & Transformations

via Bacon is NOT an Herb

Back on September 1st, trueindigo posted some writing I had done in conjunction with a previous art project:

“While growing up in the 1960s, I recall my grandmother telling me proudly that her father, Henry, was a one of the best shots in the area. He and other locals would get together and have shooting matches — and that these matches evolved into the annual Labor Day pigeon shoot in Hegins.

There were photos of him and my great-grandmother in the back dining room of my grandmother’s home. To me at the time, they didn’t look like very friendly people. I’m sure part of that was that they had to hold still for a long time for the photographer, as well as the fact that life was hard maintaining a farm in remote Schuylkill County…”

Read the rest on her blog, Bacon is NOT an Herb, just one of the many projects of hers that I am so very proud of.