Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Alison Bechdel & Jack LaLanne

via Alison Bechdel’s blog

Alison writes: “I just heard that Jack LaLanne died. He was my fitness idol as a young child. If I was home sick from school, this wild muscle man was on tv, showing housewives how to tone & trim. He had the most amazing arms, the most amazing polyester jumpsuit, and the most amazing white dog. I was spellbound. I wanted to be strong like him.”

I remember his TV show as well; I think it came on some crazy hour like 6:30 in the morning. Visit Alison’s blog here to see her sketch of Jack LaLanne and his dog, named Happy.

Quote of the Day: Lee Krasner

via bobulate

Lee Krasner: “I think for every level you go higher, you slip down one or two levels, and then come back up again. When I say slip back, I don’t mean that detrimentally. I think it is like the swing of a pendulum rather than better or back, assuming that back means going down. If you think of it in terms of time, in relation to past, present, and future, and think of them all as one an oneness, you will find that you swing the pendulum constantly to be with now. Part of it becomes past and the other is projection but it has got to become one to be now. I think there is an order but it isn’t good, better, best.” —Art Talk: Conversations with 15 Women Artists.

Visit the bobulate site here for links on Kranser and the book Art Talk.

The Knight Life: Drive a Zamboni

via The Knight Life
Go to Keith Knight’s site, here.

Kokichi Sugihara’s Optical Illusions

via npr

“You have two eyes. Each eye sees a slightly different world. (Put a finger in front of your face, switch from one eye open to the other and that finger will shift, just a little bit.) But rather than walk around all day seeing in double vision, your brain pulls the world back into one-ness. Brains decide what we see. Kokichi Sugihara knows this better than anyone. He makes videos that trick your brain into seeing things that you know, you absolutely know, can't happen.”

Read the rest, and watch his videos, here.