Sunday, February 27, 2011

His Master’s Vice

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Makes me smile.

Wood Type: 8 line Rugged

via letterpress daily

The abstract quality of the magenta dimples against the woodgrain is breathtaking. Find more great letters here.

Business Cards: Page XI

[Top Row] Middle card: The deeply embossed wool logo is the perfect solution for this card. Third column: Perfect two color card for Kites, etc. The typography and artwork gives the card a feel of a kite in flight.

[Middle Row] Middle card: Though this card is a sample, it shares the name of a former employer of mine. This card is so 1980s in type and art treatment. And Graphics II in State College will need to be covered in a future post.

[Bottom Row] Third column: Another sample card, clean, crisp, but ultimately a generic design treatment.

Earworm: The Wayouts

Season 6, Episode 11 Summary
For his costume for the Water Buffalos’ masquerade party, Fred Flintstone picks a spaceman's uniform. Unfortunately, he goes out on a night when a local radio station has launched a publicity stunt about an invasion by space aliens, a stunt that backfires and creates a panic in the city. This episode is a remake of The Honeymooners episode entitled 'The Man from Space' from Dec. 31, 1955.

Lyrics can be found here.