Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Image of the Night: Simply Waiting

Patience defined.

Typeface Software

This is my face as interpreted by the software.
via typeface project
“The design of typefaces is founded upon principles from the days of metal type, when creating individual fonts was a laborious process and constrained by physical requirements. Most digital type design follows those same conventions, but technology gives us opportunities to make type design more spontaneous and personal. The Typeface software translates facial dimensions into generative type design.”
Learn more about it here, and download the software to generate your own typeface.

Bizarro: The Power of Positive Thinking

via bizarro blog, this makes me smile

The Ampersand, part 2 of 2

via shadycharacters
“From its ignoble beginnings a century after Tiro’s scholarly et, the ampersand assumed its now-familiar ‘&’ form with remarkable speed even as the Tironian et stayed rigidly immutable. The symbol’s visual development is perhaps best documented in a formidable piece of typographical detective work carried out by one Jan Tschichold, a graphic designer born in Leipzig in 1902…”
Read the rest here.

Image to the Right: Collected ampersands in Jan Tschichold’s The Ampersand: its origin and development (1957). Notable here are (1) Pompeiian graffiti; (8) an insular majuscule ampersand from the 7th century Book of Kells, and (13) an 8th century Merovigian ampersand, already recognisable as the modern ampersand form.

Paper Peaucellier Linkage

via robives.com Newsletter
“Invented by Monsier Peaucellier in 1864, the Peaucellier linkage is a simple mechanism created to convert rotary motion into straight line motion. Now, almost 150 years later, you can download and make your own working paper model. A fascinating paper model to download and make.”
Find out more here.