Friday, February 25, 2011

Chromatic: The Crossroads Between Color and Music


“At nearly 400 pages of full-color artwork and editorial, Chromatic: The Crossroads of Color and Music, is a dynamic print presentation of independent musicians and artists who are using or exploring color in unorthodox ways. . . ”

Read the rest here, visit the Alarm Press page here.

Image of the Day: Desktop Amersands

I’m pleased that I captured the soft glow reflection of the small metal ampersand on my desk, and the barely-able-to-be-seen ghost of a French Curve.

Typography Deconstructed Letterpress Poster

via creativepro

“The Typography Deconstructed letterpress poster is the result of several months of research both on the subjects of the Anatomy of Type and Type Glossary. Inspired by the craft of letterpress printing and a love for typography, Typography Deconstructed aims at providing a resource for educating those interested in what makes type… well, type. Each poster has a comprehensive list of typographical terms with each term being represented by the anatomy of the letter that best describes it visually.”

Read the rest here, and visit the Type Deconstructed site here to learn more about the anatomy of type and their type glossary.

The Daft Punk / Coke Connection

via creativity

“Coke is taking its inspiration from French synthpop act Daft Punk with these new limited edition bottles designed to mimic the helmets worn by the duo. From next month, the gold and silver bottles will be released at clubs and will also be packaged in a collector's box as a set, made available exclusively through Colette in Paris. A website, at, will also go live.”

Business Cards: Page X

[Top row] Nice color choice and handlettering for VIPPS card on a grey stock. The embossed “One” is done well, Wow, the next card, is hard to sum up—the salmon glow is intriguing. The card is embossed, but not very deep, with Fickle Enterprises California. Fickle Enterprises? Fickle Enterprises? Characterized by erratic changeableness or instability? “[In my head I hear the printer saying, “Sir, are you SURE you really want your business named that?”] Finally, why is there such a large space bewteen the capital S and the rest of the letters in Sawyers? And why is the state that is embossed say California, but on the card the address is Oregon?

[Middle row] Michael Fedorko was fellow student from AIP; I really liked the serif lettering arrangement of the last name. Tie One On has a cute name, but I guess the printer wasn’t able to center Avis Johnson’s name on the card — things like that just drive me a little crazy.

[Bottom row] Penn’s Farms card— very nice utilization of two colors on a white stock.

Houdini’s letterhead, 1920

via John Foster’s Accidental Mysteries.
Learn more about the letterhead here.

Gabriel Dawe Thread Installations


“Using over 50 miles of string, Gabriel creates dramatic, almost other-worldly installations. . . ” I had previously had this posted on my older version of my blog, and when I saw it pop-up again on ColourLovers, I wanted to post it again.

Read the rest of this post here, explore more of his work here.

Revisiting “The Lottery”

via utne reader

“The cautionary tale of conformity in Shirley Jackson’s controversial short story is as relevant today as it was in 1948 . . . ”

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