Sunday, February 6, 2011

Earworm of the Day: Break on Through (to the other side)

Well, actually, any song by The Doors can become an earworm. For two years, starting in the summer of 1980, there was one student in most of my classes at the Art Institute who constantly talked about and played music by The Doors. Bill was quite the fanboy and would always be referring to their lyrics.

Some people believe that we only have a given number of breaths before we die. By the time I graduated, I came to believe that certain songs only need to be heard a given number of times in ones’ life. I have easily met that number and have my fill of any song by The Doors. I wish that there was a membership card or something that would exempt me from hearing Light My Fire, Riders On The Storm, Hello I Love You, The End, L.A. Woman, When You’re Strange, Love Her Madly, Love Me Two Times, and Roadhouse Blues. Been there, heard that, never need to hear it again.

Listen to Roadhouse Blues here, if you must.

February Wood Type of the Month: Kaufmann

via International Printing Museum

“Read this month’s wood-type of the month [here] to learn which typeface is featured in the title of 42 TV shows around the world.

Business Cards: Page IV

Lots on blind embossing on this page, but the lower left corner is probably my favorite—blind embossing the lampshade is a perfect design solution.