Saturday, August 13, 2011

Business Cards of the Day

Espresso Yourself Cafe: Simple two color design, the typography choices are hard to read, but they do have excellent vegetarian food options!

Going Local: A lot of information packed onto this card, in fact too much information and too tiny. A better solution would have been to go to a two sided card.

Hotel State College & Company: Great ampersand, though it is a bit forced and crowded intertwining with the “S” and “C” and the gradient, well. . . it just doesn’t stand up to the test of time forcing the balance. Using thin display type for small text isn’t a good idea either, no matter how nice the font.

Rocket Science: Overall, a nice card. I like the tagline they use as well, especially since I am not mechanically inclined. Easy to read font choice too

Otto’s: Swoosh! Double swoosh! Not a fan of flush right text, and the flipping back to flush left. I miss the cat design. Perhaps just  one swoosh and a different type treatment...

Ochre Mills

via Juniata’s River Valleys By Jeffrey Adams
My in-laws loaned us a copy of the book this past weekend. Lots of interesting photos and snippets of tales. I love the name “Ochre Mills” which is near Juniata [note the typo on the old photo]. I wonder if remnants of the area still around, or if it is now silently resting under a development.
You can see more of Adams’ book here.

Fluid type font

via designboom
“Designed by Hussain Almossawi of Bahraini studio Skyrill Design, ‘fluid type’ is conceptualized as a dynamic typeface, in which each character in addition to being usable as a static letter has its own exploding animation…”
Read the rest here. I was so wishing that this included an ampersand...