Sunday, February 20, 2011

Business Cards: Page VII

For the most part, the designs of the cards on this page utilize the white space very well — lots of breathing room around the logos and type treatments.

Two nice ampersands found on the Fish & DiRocco [why a swan image?] and Patz & Hall cards.

I've always loved the T.C. Lynch card [top row, middle]; great use of a perfect green spot color on the leaves. The illustration reminds my of an old woodcut design.

Ghosting: Mechanical Ghosts

via printersting

“A printing ghost is an unwanted image resulting from the printing system itself. There are basically two kinds: mechanical and chemical. Mechanical ghosts are usually visible as soon as the press sheet lands in the delivery section of the press. There are three types of mechanical ghosts: starvation, blanket, and plate.”

Read the rest of the post here. Part Two on Chemical Ghosts can be found here.