Saturday, August 20, 2011

Image of the Day: Mouseover Hand

via a two-winged fairy and a raven who were searching for sparkly objects
When a cursor hovers over a hyperlink, a mouseover event changes the cursor into a hand with an outstretched index finger. This hand icon now graces my keychain. An online search revealed links to artist Susan Kare’s original Mac icons limited edition prints.

Raven & Crow

From Raven & Crow’s blog: “Since they started scavenging from all those dead people during the Black Plague, crows and ravens have gotten some pretty harsh associations slapped on them. Harbingers of death, bringers of doom, jerky black birds, etc. Which is why, to this day, groups of crows are known as murders. Likewise, a group of ravens is called an unkindness. At our design company, raven + crow studio, we're proud to say that we make a point to work with companies and non-profits who are out to make the world a better place.”
Their blog is dedicated to all things kind in the realms that fascinate them: Design, music, culture, fashion, and, of course, vegan food. Visit Raven and Crow’s blog here, and their design studio here.