Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Knows No Bounding Box, Pt. 2

The final four!

The ambigram printed 8-up on a sheet of temporary tattoo paper from  I let it dry for 36 hours.
I trimmed the paper and the adhesive sheet in half, and the peeled back the the adhesive sheet to begin to apply it.

I gently rubbed the adhesive sheet with my fingers, and used the tip of an X-Acto knife to poke any air bubbles and worked them out. I gave a good final rub with an 30-year-old burnisher used in the past for transfer lettering sheets. I let this dry for 18 hours.
Cut apart
And trimmed close to the edge of the artwork. It seemed like leaving .187"+  around the artwork is the best idea, since the adhesive material can sometimes tend to curl back on itself when you remove the clear backing. Things you learn upon “doing.”

My first attempt failed as it was way too humid in the bathroom after our shower, and the tattoo curled up on itself.  My second attempt -- success! 

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