Monday, February 21, 2011

Serif Tote

seen in HOW

Perfect for type geeks—the serif tote bag from Little Company. Makes me smile.

Visit their site here.

Type and Music

via The FontShop FontFeed

Always a good read, Yves Peters writes about type treatments on the covers of recent releases in his My Type of Music posts.

Read the rest here.

Producing a book, the analog way

via boingboing
A nostalgic look at what a it took to produce a book in the era before digital typesetting and printing.

Variations on a Theme

The latest in a collection of variations of my name sent by companies and corporations.

They have no idea who I am since they do not get my name correct; all they know is that this is a “valid mailing address.” [Oh, the things that one learns working in a print and mailing facility.] What becomes even more interesting is when your misspelled name is sold to a list, and suddenly there are mailings from multiple companies that bought that particular list. It is almost viral, since lists are constantly complied, bought, and sold by companies trying to capture segments of a specific marketing demographic.