Thursday, October 6, 2011

25 Years of Apple Technology

This post by Alison Bechdel reminded me of the first Mac I worked with in 1987, a Plus at an agency in State College. Crazy to think back on working on such a small monitor, and working with the OS, which at the time was amazing GUI. 

Today's BoingBoing pays perfect tribute to that here

I bought a similar Plus model at Surplus and Salvage a few years ago, just out of nostalgia. The first Mac I owned was a LC II, which I did freelancing work on in between the stint at Graphics II and getting hired Penn State in 1993. Today, we have an iMac, iPods, and an iTouch at home, and I use a Tower at work, and my daughter-in-law has an iPad. Apple’s technology and the way it has become ingrained in our lives is fascinating, and I wonder what things will look like in another 25 years.

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