Friday, June 17, 2011

Paul Rand: A Designer’s Words

via Steven Heller’s imprint
“On April 3, 1998 the School of Visual Arts held a Paul Rand Symposium in New York City. To commemorate the event Nathan Garland, Georgette Ballance and [Steven Heller] edited a keepsake titled Paul Rand: A Designer’s Words, a collection of many Rand quotes from various sources. It was printed by Rand’s favorite printer, Mossberg & Co., typeset by his favorite typesetters, PDR (A Division of AGT), and produced with his favorite paper, Mohawk Superfine. Nathan Garland’s design was true to Rand’s typographic aesthetic. Only 500 copies of the keepsake were printed, given free to the symposium participants and sold through Emigre, among other limited venues (only a few rarities remain)...”
Now, Steven Heller has made it available to all via PDF. If you would like to download go here or here.

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