Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kodak Moments

This weekend has been filled with Kodak moments. My father-in-law is working on recreating the top portion to a wooden tripod that was built before 1914, and he shared his progress with us.

On the left,  a similar tripod top found at an antique store. He is using this 1914 version as a guide for recreating a larger version. He fabricated the brass fixtures himself.
The Folmer & Schwing tripod top -- with an ampersand stamped into the wood.
Close-up of the ampersand.
Demonstrating how the top goes onto the legs of the tripod.

We also set-up the Crosley slide and negative scanner on their Mac as well. Above is the set-up using a Kodak Transparency Illuminator to view the slides. The slides here were processed October 27, 1965 and cost 10¢ for first class shipping.

More on Kodak’s Folmer & Schwing Division, their professional apparatus division, can be found here.  See a Kodak Folmer & Schwing No 8 Cirkut Outfit Cycle Graphic wooden tripod here.

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