Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fishs Eddy & Vintage Metal Stationer’s Engraving Blocks

via pomme designs

“ . . . Dave, one of the owners of Fishs Eddy, made a fortuitous find on a recent buying trip to the Midwest: Vintage metal stationer's engraving blocks from the 1940’s and 1950’s! He came back with hundreds of initials and full addresses, most in their original boxes with handwritten names and dates of when they were last used.”

I had the great pleasure of seeing these engraving blocks in person with two of my best  friends. Fishs Eddy is a fascinating place to wander through. I noticed what looked like letterpress blocks nestled on an old desk surrounded by glassware. The outer boxes were curious as well with handwritten labels from the ’40s. I realized what they were, and while looking through the various names, monograms, and address blocks from the Philadelphia region, it was thrilling to even find a few that were still wrapped and taped closed, never opened since they were created by Baily Banks & Biddle. Priced very reasonably, I just couldn’t figure out what I could use these for, so I just appreciated them for their beauty and craft and continued exploring and shopping with my companions.

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