Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Becky Blanton: Secrets of Black & White

via colourlovers

“There really is no such thing as color. Color is just the reflection of light, which is why at night things are shades of grey, or black — there is no light to reflect. During the day, or with a flashlight, different substances or objects absorb and reflect different wavelengths of light, making us believe we are seeing color when we’re not.

The power of color then is its ability to alter our consciousness, our thoughts, our emotions, our perceptions. White is the presence of ALL color and the absence of all color. Black is the absence of all color and the presence of all color. If you mix all the primary colors — you get black. Yet you cannot mix any pigments to get white, although through additive and subtractive mixing of light you can. Where does the color go? And where does it come from?”

Read the rest of the post here, go to TRiiiBES’ Color & Form PDF here.

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