Friday, February 25, 2011

Business Cards: Page X

[Top row] Nice color choice and handlettering for VIPPS card on a grey stock. The embossed “One” is done well, Wow, the next card, is hard to sum up—the salmon glow is intriguing. The card is embossed, but not very deep, with Fickle Enterprises California. Fickle Enterprises? Fickle Enterprises? Characterized by erratic changeableness or instability? “[In my head I hear the printer saying, “Sir, are you SURE you really want your business named that?”] Finally, why is there such a large space bewteen the capital S and the rest of the letters in Sawyers? And why is the state that is embossed say California, but on the card the address is Oregon?

[Middle row] Michael Fedorko was fellow student from AIP; I really liked the serif lettering arrangement of the last name. Tie One On has a cute name, but I guess the printer wasn’t able to center Avis Johnson’s name on the card — things like that just drive me a little crazy.

[Bottom row] Penn’s Farms card— very nice utilization of two colors on a white stock.

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